The future of diagnostic technology

Replacing traditional invasive methods of diagnosis and healthcare observation procedures, our BEAT™ technology will allow for remote continuous monitoring of chronic diseases and health conditions.

An intuitive patient-friendly daily disposable skin-patch, applied while the user goes about their daily life, it is expected to significantly reduce the current and future burden on healthcare services by greatly enhancing health and wellness or disease management.

How it works

Passing a mild, non-perceptible electric current across the skin, our patented BEAT™ technology draws a small amount of selected molecules, such as glucose, into a patch placed on the skin. These molecules are drawn out of the interstitial fluid which naturally sits just below the top layer of skin.

Via a sensor, the patient-friendly patch measures the amount of that molecule present, converting it into a meaningful concentration value for clinical diagnosis or preliminary guidance for self-treatment.

Multiple Applications

Easily extended to other molecules (or analytes) and medicinal drugs present in the interstitial fluid of the skin, our BEAT™ technology has broad ranging potential clinical and non-clinical applications, including:

  • – Diabetes (glucose monitoring)
  • – Athletic performance monitoring (lactate monitoring)
  • – Intensive care (glucose monitoring and oxygen depletion)


Our blood glucose monitoring product, sugarBEAT® is anticipated to launch in Europe in 2017, with at least one additional application expected to also commence clinical trials in 2017.


Suitable for Type 1, Type 2 and pre-diabetics, sugarBEAT® provides real-time monitoring for better health management  through its non-invasive, affordable, patented wearable technology.

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